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The first three months after a woman has a baby are the most difficult. New moms must find a way to manage pain from labor, nursing/feeding, sleep schedule changes, hormone fluctuations and major life-role changes. While having children is a blessed occasion, it can be overwhelming and exhausting. Our role at Smiling Mom is to provide mothers everywhere with emotional support during this transition.


Our coaching services are convenient. Forget lugging around your newborn in that heavy car-seat and enjoy your sessions from the comfort of your own home. Concerned your baby might be awake or want to nurse during your session? Our coaches will not mind if you need to tend to your child.


Our coaching services are customized to fit you and your family's needs. Before your first appointment, we will send you a questionnaire to learn more about your personality, family structure and what you are looking for in a coach. Your answers from the questionnaire will be used to customize services so you can get the most out of your sessions.


Our coaching services are affordable. Unlike other therapy and coaching services available we understand the financial obstacles a newborn can have on a family. Coaching sessions are reasonably priced with you and your growing family's needs in mind.


Our coaching services are flexible. Unlike online counseling, coaching offers comparable services with out all the red tape of a formal medical service. You can schedule sessions as often as you like with no stigmatizing diagnosis.


All of our coaches are professionals. We are mothers first and mental health professionals second. Although we provide coaching, and not therapy at Smiling Mom, you can be assured that all of our coaches are skilled, warm and experts in helping others.

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