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Our mission is to provide convenient and affordable support to mothers everywhere.

We live in a time in which people are more connected, but less supported than ever. It wasn't too long ago that mothers were surrounded by family and friends who would take care of her every need for at least 30 days after delivery. Today women leave the hospital promptly after delivery with no other support than the baby's father- who usually returns back to work within a week.

Motherhood is highly praised, but often not properly supported. Women can vent to friends about their adjustment difficulties, but only to a certain extent. Many women who feel anxiety or depression about their new role are instantly stigmatized as having postpartum depression.

Here at Smiling Moms we know about the difficulties of being a new mother because we are mothers. We believe that women should be allowed to experience all the feelings of motherhood, good and bad, without instantly being labeled or shamed. We also believe that women should be nurtured into their new role so they feel better than they did before.

As therapists we know the difference between typical motherhood adjustment issues and clinical depression. Our goal is not to provide therapy, but support and mentorship to all mothers who need it.*

We believe that by giving mothers the support they need we will decrease the rates of postpartum depression, promote healthier families and have a more-well adjusted society.

*Mothers who need therapy instead of coaching will be referred for appropriate resources.

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